We need to rebuild our porch entirely and I need to find a good way to redo the porch floor. We don't love the look of our current porch anyway, so we are open to any ideas.

We currently have 3/4" plywood on the porch floor and when they stuccoed our house a long time ago, they ran the stucco right down to the plywood so we can't get anything thicker in the opening against the house.

I don't know what to use for a patio floor. We don't get much moisture the way it is, and I would assume the flooring has been there for at least 20 years. Some people have told me to use 3/4 outdoor plywood and soak it in linseed oil with a ton of coats on both sides. I have only seen Trex or alternatives that are way thicker than 3/4".

I didn't know if there are any great options for flooring and I don't know what is underneath the deck either. I would assume whatever framing is there will need replaced while we are at it.


For some reason I can't upload a picture, but any help would be appreciated!