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    Default layers of wallpaper painted over

    In my 100+ year old home I have many rooms that have wallpaper that has been painted over. My bathroom has several layers of wallpaper that is also painted. Part of the wallpaper is coming off. Should I even attempt to try to get the wallpaper off? I'm concerned about what I may find under the layers and I don't know what to use to get the paint and wallpaper off.

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    Default Re: layers of wallpaper painted over

    If you don't remove the old wallpaper, you run the risk of it starting to peel off on its own and you'll have a perpetual job, trying to repair it. If it were my house, I'd bite the bullet and start stripping it all off, down to bare walls. Once you get to the base, you can do something to the walls if you need to but it'll be a one time repair. It's not going to keep peeling like the paper will. You might try a steamer on the paper. I've tried several things and like the steamer best. You can pick one up at your local home center for about $50.

    Good Luck.

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