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    Lightbulb Laminate flooring "unlocking"..

    My laminate flooring, that I installed about 5 years ago, is pulling apart at the "short" side - see images (oops, having issues - I will email images upon request).. I bought this from a company that is no longer in business, and it was a "close out" item at a discount.. Now I know why.. I also bought slightly darker for master bedroom, that one is fine..
    Now, I have permanent gaps, in winter time, they get about 1/8", during warmer month, not as bad, but still apart..
    I was thinking to maybe secure neighboring planks with weight, and using a large suction cup and a rubber mallet, to tighten those boards and possibly even apply little bit of wood glue, so they stay together.
    I hate to take everything apart, it's over 900 sq.ft, at center about 45 ft long.. And most of these are more towards middle of room, not at wall or close, so I could possibly take off base board and using the install tool, tighten against the wall.. Does anyone have a suggestion??
    Thank you very much..

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    Default Re: Laminate flooring "unlocking"..

    tear it up and replace it with something new and readily in stock.. no joke.. the issues your having now are only going to get worse as it ages
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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    Default Re: Laminate flooring "unlocking"..

    Laminate floors not installed correctly or damaged by wetness do that. Unfortunately, you'll have to do what jkirk suggested.

    Even if you only want to replace a couple of planks, you will need to remove others to get to them, destroying them all in the process.

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