In the corner shopping center near me there was a vacancy for a long time. Finally there was some remodeling going on, then a sign came on: "Welcome A New Sherwin-Williams Paint Store". The new store opened up in no time.

I've been buying "Color Place" paints for years. They are sold at Wal Mart, and made guessed it, Sherwin-Williams.

Now, I've neen painting mostly rental homes for years, so quality of paint is not a priority. What's more important is the price, and Color Place paints have been all under $15 a gallon. Why? because tenants are all the same.

So when this new store opened, I went in to see. And what I saw was gallons sell for $40 to $76. Ridiculous. Higher than Dunn Edwards.

For lumber I don't hesitate using a lumber yard, but for paint, I won't pay $76 for a gallon of paint at a store like this. What do you think?