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    Question Cleaning aruond a Tub

    My bathroom has tiles on the wall surrounding the tub . Recently, I have noticed mold along the seam of the tub and tile. After I clean/remove the debris and let it completely dry, what do I need to do? Is it possible to stop the mold in the future?

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    Default Re: Cleaning aruond a Tub

    the space between the tile and the tub should not be grouted with the grout that's between the tiles.

    ideally, you would want to remove all the grout or caulking that's in that gap. make sure it's 100% dry, using a hairdryer is helpful.

    if you can purchase a tube of matching grout/caulk, that would be best. all stores that sell tile sell grout in a caulking tube that matches the grouts that they sell. these caulks are made up of grout mixed with a latex additive which makes the grout flexible so as not to crack in this location.

    if you can't find the matching grout/caulk, you can purchase a silicon caulk with mold inhibitors built in to it.

    the grout/caulk looks better and lasts longer than regular silicon caulk. both are subject to getting moldy over time, it really comes down to how well and often you clean the tub. i have several customers that are smart enough to have me come over every few years, or at the first sign of cracking or mold showing up, to remove the caulk and redo it. you're not going to find something that will last forever in this location but if you maintain it, you can get a good 4-5 years before you'll have to redo it. if you just let it go, you'll be recaulking every 2-3 years.

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    Smile Re: Cleaning aruond a Tub

    Thank you so much!!!

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