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    Default Help! -How to build a fence without digging ??

    Hello, there. I have a dilemma....
    The husband & I live in a townhouse complex & when we moved in six yrs. ago, the caretaker said he planned on extending our back fence. Thus giving us a larger yard. Now that I'm pushing for that to happen- he is balking at it, because of underground wires. I brought the man in from the gas company & they mapped out where that ran thru. (that was a free service) Now a year later the caretaker said he paid the $400 for the hydro guys to show him where the power lines are. Now he's all freaked out & doesn't wish to replace our falling-down fence with the extension. (he IS a bit of a lazy bugger tho)

    I figure since the wood fence extension will be U-shaped... there must be a way to construct it without digging. Some sort of cross-bracing?? Would it be necessary to use those ugly grey concrete forms to hold the posts in place? There must be other options. He won't let the hubby & I build it... & I've put him on the spot: when he said it was a matter of material cost & I informed him we'll gladly pay for it. I've tried Google + to find a carpentry solution, but was unable to locate one. So we eagerly await any & all input.
    Thank-you !
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    Default Re: Help! -How to build a fence without digging ??

    You don't say where you're located, if you're in the USA, call 1-800-dig-safe, this is a free service that will locate and mark ALL buried utilities. Once you know the location of things, then you can adjust post spacing to miss them. I have seen no suitable above ground fence post holder that will suffice for what you're asking for.

    Also, if you're renting, contact the governing body for rental owners and talk to them about your options regarding a deadbeat landlord, especially if the fence, or lack thereof, poses a threat to health or safety.
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    Default Re: Help! -How to build a fence without digging ??

    Ah, yes. I should have mentioned... in Canada here (Vancouver) -we have that phone line too to call.
    Unfortunately, they charge a fee to come locate it. AND I have been entertaining the idea of taking it
    to a higher level.... considering that all we hear out of the caretaker is him counting down the days/months
    'til he retires in November. *sigh*
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    Default Re: Help! -How to build a fence without digging ??

    Since fences of all kinds are situated on the ground, they have to be secured to the ground and not hanging in the air. It's true in Canada too. The best idea is to use post spikes (for a light weight fence).

    Now, can you tell us more about your situation:
    - Are you renting? or do you own this apt?
    - Who is the caretaker - is he the homeowner association worker? a property manager?
    - What kind of authority does he have to grant you "more land" by moving the fence over the prop line?
    - Who owns the fence?

    Without knowing all the details, there is nothing we can help with.

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