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    Default Light switch doesn't work after storm

    Our house has the old fuse box with fuses. We had a storm and everything in the kitchen works except for the light switch that turns on the ceiling fan. In the bathroom the light switch and switch where you plug in things do not work -- same thing in one of the bedrooms. Everything house in the house works fine.

    We do not have a breaker but fuses. Could this just be blown fuses or something more serious?

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    Default Re: Light switch doesn't work after storm

    The answer is pretty clearly yes.

    Start by checking your fuses, after that check to see if there is current to the switch boxes and the receptacle using your non-contact voltage tester. Don't have a non-contact voltage tester? Either get one or consider how much electrical work you are comfortable doing, they are cheap enough that it is no great loss if you end up calling a pro.

    Let us know what you find.
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    Default Re: Light switch doesn't work after storm

    Another possibility is one of the drops is out. Do you 240 volt circuits work?

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    Default Re: Light switch doesn't work after storm

    If you got hit by lightning all of your wiring should be looked at by an electrician with a megger.

    This will verify the insulation has not been stressed to the point it will flash over during the next surge.

    GFCI's , AFCI's electronic dimmers and light controlers are very easily damaged by lightning.

    When parallel wiring, like Romex, is hit by lightning they separate a little, due to magnetic forces. During the next storm they may flash over and start a fire.
    Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
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