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    Default Seeking advice on how best to accomodate a screen/storm door when it hits porch trim.

    Hi, thanks in advance for your help.

    We have a 1925 Seattle bungalow/Cape Cod with a great old fir door that we want to showcase. Currently it's behind a very unattractive aluminum storm/screen door.

    I've found a great salvaged screen door from my local builders salvage yard. However, I'm having the same problem with my new salvage screen door as I (and the previous owners) did with the aluminum screen door.

    The screen door swings out and just barely gets stuck on some the porch overhang. I think the trim is about 1/4" or 3/8" too thick. It's a tiny stoop with a little covered area. My guess is that the original house did not have a screen door.

    I've enclosed a couple links to pictures to show how the screen door won't sweep all the way open--it gets stuck on the overhang trim piece.



    I've done some thinking--maybe not some good thinking--but still some thinking about options:

    1) take off the whole trim piece and cut off the bottom 1.5" or so so that the screen door will underneath the finished trim.

    2) take off the whole trim piece and router/sand down the bottom 1.5" until the screen door will pass by through the trim piece.

    I'm sure there are other better ideas out there, and I'd be open to hearing them.

    Some notes:

    Yes, the door is the "right size". A smaller door would not fit into the jamb.
    The old owners dealt with this issue by never opening the door past 80 degrees--the door just never gets to the full opening width. I'd like to be able to open the new screen door all the way!

    Thanks for your thoughtfulness. All advice warmly accepted.

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    Default Re: Seeking advice on how best to accomodate a screen/storm door when it hits porch t

    I would suggest removing the 1" inside face board and replacing it with a piece of 1/4" or 1/8" pluwood.

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    Default Re: Seeking advice on how best to accomodate a screen/storm door when it hits porch t

    I would suggest that you make sure the screen door hinges have the smallest possible projection because that sets the door closer to the frame when it's opening, BUT since the old aluminum door hit, and they have completely flush piano hinges (usually), I don't think you can gain anything more in that regard.
    The "country" way is to notch away the striking bit at the corner, and nail a corresponding chunk to the frame so the door seals when closed. Not attractive but it does work.
    Third idea: trim the entire edge down, and narrow the opening to fit.
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