Hi, I have a house built in 1890 with a curved, wraparound porch. The old box-style gutter was "upgraded" at some point to modern aluminum gutters. There is much deterioration of the wood structure, and it leaks a LOT when it rains. I need some creative ideas how to repair this beast. I'll provide a link to photos on Flickr so you can see.


There's water sitting in the gutter in a couple places: it's not sloped right, not towards the downspouts like it should be. What can I do about that? Slide shims under the gutter? It also looks like there were angled wood blocks placed on the outer side of the gutter to support roll-roofing to deflect rain down to the ground. Besides looking ugly, it didn't last long! So, not sure what to do to fix that.

The entire structure is curved. Obviously, some of the wood needs replacing. How can I get the boards and trim to curve like that? The horizontal boards I can cut curved, but what about the vertical ones, and trim? Are they thin enough that they'll curve on their own? Again, any helpful, creative input is appreciated. A contractor who came to assess it wanted several thousand $$$ to tear the whole thing down and start over. I don't have that kind of money, so a complete tear-down and redo isn't really an option!