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    Default Description for city permit (window removal)


    I have sent in an application to the city to close two windows in my house and as part of the application I included an architectual drawing with the blocks that will replace the window opening. Unfortunately the application was denied as the reviewer wanted more details on the exterior and interior beyond the architectual drawing with the blocks. So in my revised application I am writing the following:

    Exterior: Stucco to match the outside façade followed by painting of the area to match the rest of the exterior wall of the house.

    Interior: Same style insulation as the rest of the interior wall with furring strips and ½ inch dry wall. Once this is completed the whole interior wall will be repainted.

    Is there something I am missing that I should include in the application as I am not an expert on this matter?

    Thanks, Erik

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    Default Re: Description for city permit (window removal)

    It's always better to go to the bldg dept in person, and to talk to the plan checker directly. This way, he/she can tell you exactly how they want everything presented to them.

    But if you can't go there in person, all you can do is guess and hopefully get your plan approved.

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    Default Re: Description for city permit (window removal)

    A phone call to the reviewer should work as well to find out what exactly they are looking for.

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