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    Default Solid Iron Railing

    I want to remove my solid iron railing from the back porch. the post are inch and a half by inch and a half, and are imbeded in the concrete pad. I want to save the imbeded part of the railing post that are inthe concrete. What could I do to acomplish this mission. Or should I just cut them with a reciprocating saw flush with the concrete.

    thank you in advance for anyone that can give me some advice.


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    Default Re: Solid Iron Railing

    You will either have to cut the posts or break the concrete.

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    Default Re: Solid Iron Railing

    Keep in mind that if you cut the post off, it'll leave a metal stub in the concrete. Exposed to air and moisture, it's going to rust and make a mess of the surrounding concrete. To stop that, you're going to have to either cover it up with a decorative cement something or cut it out.

    Good Luck.

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