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    Default Painting an Aluminum garage door

    The paint on my insulated aluminum garage door has started peeling. Someone tried to paint aver it (I don't know what kind of paint was used) and now both the original coating and the paint is peeling down to the aluminum. What steps should I take and what kind of paint should I use to paint the door?

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    Default Re: Painting an Aluminum garage door


    I am not sure of the extent to which your door is peeling. Short of stripping the whole door, I would try to clean the surface with a power washer if you have one. I would purposely bare down in an effort to encourage any paint that wants to pop to do so. Normally, acrylic house paint will adnere to existing painted aluminum without a primer. However, where you are down to bare aluminum, I would obtain a self-etching primer made for aluminum and spot prime these bare areas, followed by a top coat of acrylic house paint.

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