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    Default temperamental fluorescent light

    I live in RI near the water in a house 60 years old that has a a fluorescent light above the kitchen sink in a very narrow space. When it is damp, the light will not work. The entire unit has been replaced recently but the problem persists. The wiring appears to feed through plastered walls.

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    Default Re: temperamental fluorescent light

    You could have bad wires or a bad ballast.

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    Default Re: temperamental fluorescent light

    Flourescent lights are a combination of electricity and magic...mostly magic.

    High humidity,low temperature, low voltage, ungrounded metal, bad ballast or sockets, lamps are some of the things that will cause them to not work.

    Old style magnetic ballast and T12 lamps are now outlawed and stores are only allowed to sell what they have.

    Also, if the wrong combination of lamp and ballast are used or you buy defective replacement lamps.

    Best, cheapest fix is to buy a new fixture complete with electronic ballasts and T5 or T8 lamps and all problems go away.
    Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
    Maurice Turgeon, Hidden Content

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