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    Default Small leak from escutcheon

    I recently replaced the old broken faucet in my kitchen with a new Moen Harlon (87499SRS). I used the escutcheon plate to cover over 2 holes of the 4 on the sink. It came with a gasket that fits below the escutcheon plate that I think was designed to prevent water from entering the open holes beneath. Surprise surprise, it's not working due either to my sink or the plate being uneven on one side. So now I'm wondering if I should remove the plate and put a ring of plumbers putty down between the escutcheon seal and the sink (or do i remove the seal all together?). The instructions didn't suggest using plumbers putty but it's the only thing I can think of that might fix the leak (it's a really small leak). Any thoughts on best course of action? You can see the "seal" I'm referring to in the following diagram:

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    Default Re: Small leak from escutcheon

    plumber's putty should help.

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