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    Default Icemaker Connection

    The copper water line to our fridge's icemaker broke at the entrance to the refrigerator. Any suggestions on how to install a new connection there?

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    Default Re: Icemaker Connection

    Just the copper line? That is easy, the line just screws on, so get out a small wrench and get to it.

    If the connector broke, or worse the threaded part in the fridge broke, you will need to find the parts guide to your fridge and will be a bit more involved.

    I am a fan of the braided steel connectors, even for icemakers, due to increased flexibility.
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    Default Re: Icemaker Connection

    Fixing an ice maker line is about the easiest thing you can do. Simply remove the nut that holds the line in place, toss the broken piece of line. Slide the nut onto the line, slide a new ferrel over the line and reattach.

    If the end of the line is to messed up at the break, cut it back with a hacksaw a little bit to expose clean pipe. You'll need to clean up the outside and inside of the pipe after the cut is made, then slip on the nut and ferrel. It is important that the line is plenty long so that this joint is not moved or bent as the refrigerator is pulled out or pushed back into place. If the line is too short, replace it.
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