Hello, my wife and I are looking to buy a new house and we're really interested in an old house. The tax sheet says it was originally built in 1890. There's been an addition since, supposedly in the 1950s. We really like the house but one major issue is that the biggest bedroom's ceiling is too low. I don't have the measurements on hand, but I'm 6'4 and my hair brushes along the ceiling as I walk. We probably will not be interested in the home unless we can affordably raise the ceiling.

It is a flat ceiling but under a peaked roof but there is no access anywhere to an attic. From the outside of the house you can see a vent in the wall that is above the ceiling. It was speculated to me that it was for the purpose of blowing in insulation.

I'm somewhat handy but clueless as far as the actual concepts that go into construction (See nail hit nail). Is raising a ceiling a major structural issue or is it similar to putting up a wall.. just horizontally? Does anyone have an idea of a range of costs to have someone do it? Is there any critical information I'm leaving out? Any help would be appreciated.