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    Default Spar polyurethane on doors not even

    I have stripped, stained and used spar polyurethane on two old oak doors. Both have several small areas that are not shiny and look like the poly did not take. I used 3-4 coats on each. I sanded and used a tack cloth between each coat. I let them dry thoroughly between coats. What am I doing wrong?

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    Default Re: Spar polyurethane on doors not even

    Are you stirring the varnish thouroughly? Varnishes have chemical agents in them to control the sheen. If you open a can of satin varnish and just start varnishing, the varnish in the top of the can will dry high gloss, the varnish in the bottom will dry dull. You will see a cloudy substance at the bottom of lower sheen varnishes. This is what controls the sheen.

    Are you leaning the doors up against a wall while drying? It is important that varnish dry uniformly with equal air movement and heat distribution over the whole surface.

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    Default Re: Spar polyurethane on doors not even

    Did these spots show up in the same place after every coat? If so,maybe the stripper was not cleaned off well enough so the varnish wouldn't take to those areas. Just a guess without seeing pictures.

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