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Cutting 650' of 8" wide board by hand is going to take a lot of vacation time. A band saw would be the best, but how often will you use it after you get this project done. Paying a shop to cut it for you could be the best economic choice. You could sand the surfaces with an orbital sander or a belt sander by hand or get a surface sander. The surface sander would be the fastest, but most expensive. An orbital sander would probably be the best for you.
Your average bandsaw isn't going to cut it - literally and figuratively, you need an industrial bandsaw that will have the power and capacity for that material. It will be best to take it to a shop and have them resaw it for you. While you're there, they can either plane it smooth or run it through a sander if you want a fairly smooth finish.

The type of finish will depend on what you ultimately want to do.