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    Default Shower/Tub P trap issues

    So not only did i post in the HVAC section about my ac issues, today after taking shower my wife walked into her closet to get some shoes(which is on the back side of the shower and tub) and stepped in puddles of water, not knowing if we had a busted pipe or leak from the tub we turned everything off, and dealt with it in the afternoon. I felt around and since a good portion of the wall was still wet, i started to cut out the sheetrock in the closet to gain access behind the tub.

    To my surprise, the hole in the slab where the p trap goes down into was filled to the top with standing water, since we didnt find any more water in the afternoon, we assumed the break or leak was above the faucet, but now may be a broken p trap.

    Ill test a few things tomorrow now that the wall is opened up.. Ill def be calling a plumber if its the ptrap, but in the mean time, besides gettiing all that water out of there and letting everything air out and treating to prevent mold and mildew.. what can i look around at for other potential problems?

    We will be remodeling this bathroom within the next 1yr or 2yr, but right now, just need to get it fixed so we can use our master bath again..

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    Default Re: Shower/Tub P trap issues

    A precise diagnosis requires visual inspection, so call a couple of plumbers for estimates. At this point, with the limited info you provided, it could be the ptrap, the drain line, or something else. What kind of pipe is your sewer line?

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    Default Re: Shower/Tub P trap issues

    questions....is this a fiberglass shower unit? tiled unit with tiled floor? is there a copper pan? rubber membrane? how is this shower constructed.....some pictures of the shower and behind the wall would help.

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