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    Default Rotting vigas on adobe style house

    I have an efis southwest style house in colorado. The house was neglected and vacant for a couple years. There are numerous 12" or larger vigas sticking out several feet. Some of them are experiencing rot, mostly on top, from snow melting and sun drying. Also some shrinking or rot allowing space between the wall and the beam. Any suggestions for stopping the rot, filling voids, and sealing the spaces? I was thinking of possibly filling voids in the beams with some sort of epoxy slurry and coating the beams with epoxy resin.

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    Default Re: Rotting vigas on adobe style house

    Epoxy or other patch materials are temporary at best. We make a permanent viga solution in Santa Fe, NM and ship them all over. They look exactly like wood vigas but are made of a fiber reinforced hard cement shell. They are also integral colored and don't need to be painted. They're gorgeous and easy to install. Check out Theycome in lengths of 12" to 30" and diameters of 8", 10" and 12".

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