We put in a new American Standard Cadet 2-Handle High-Arc Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer about a year ago. I think the problems started when our building's (12+ residential units) water pressure was turned up higher. The problem first was that the sink was slow to turn off -- i.e., you'd turn off the handle, and then water would continue to trickle for 10-15 seconds or so, both hot and cold water. Things also seemed to be filling up much more slowly. In the past I've repaired similar issues [on our old faucet, before it was completely shot] by taking apart the handles and cleaning the rubber washers. Attempting that in this faucet didn't work on the cold handle and I couldn't fully dismantle the hot handle to get to the rubber washer.

I recently tried taking out the aerator. This has dramatically improved the flow (obviously). Now, sometimes the faucet shuts off immediately when you turn off the handle (yeay! small triumph!). Other times it sort of gurgles and spits out additional water for a few seconds. The truly odd part is that sometimes water will just gurgle/dump out for no apparent reason -- I wouldn't think that the aerator would have held this water in before (it's basically just a sieve, right?) , so is this a new symptom? What could be causing it? What can I do about it?

Also, now the hot water handle *sometimes* sounds really squeaky/like parts are grinding together when you turn it -- bit this noise comes and goes.

Is it just a terrible faucet? It was a cheap Home Depot option. Is there anything to be done?