Not sure if this is the correct category for this, so if it needs to be moved let me know. I have a walk-out ranch style home in the Kansas City area. The basement opens directly to the back yard. On the rear corner of the main floor overlooking the backyard, I have a 10x12 sunroom over a void area (open, used for storage). The outer corner of the sunroom is supported by an 8 inch wood post which rests on its own footing in the back yard. The sunroom is wood frame construction, tile floor, with a textured hardboard siding. The roof is concrete tile. Old aerial photos show the home with a shake roof. The concrete roof was installed 13 years ago. The outer corner of the sunroom has sagged about an inch and a half, so the screen door no longer fits and the window frames (basic storm windows only) are separating from the glass because the frames are no longer square. I suspect that the corner has sunk because the footing in the support post is insufficient (1 foot square) coupled with the added load of the concrete tile roof that wasn’t accounted for by the prior owner. I need to raise the corner of the sunroom slowly until it is level, then either replace the wood post with a metal post or use the existing post, and pour a more substantial footing to support it. My thought was to use two metal 5-ton screw jacks to slowly raise the corner over a couple of weeks, then pour an 8 inch thick 24x24 reinforced footing, then reinstall the post. Subsequently I want to enclose the void area for a shed to store mowers, bikes, etc. I suspect the project may require a building permit, but I haven’t gotten beyond conceptual plans yet. Any feedback or suggestions on the proposed plan? Anyone ever done anything like this?