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    Default Re: Time for a Mitre Saw, looking for recommendations

    A CMT blade is only a couple bucks more than the diablo, and our sharpening service (Ridge Carbide) will resharpen them, but won't touch Diablos. We keep our good blades and keep getting them shapened.
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    Default Re: Time for a Mitre Saw, looking for recommendations

    I have to agree with A. Spruce, you buy cheap expect cheap results. Not everyone needs a 12" sliding Milwaukee, but a Harbor Freight special is not going to last long and they can be dangerous. I have 1st hand experience with H.F. tools and their tolerances. A millwright was working with a metal punch in one of our shops, he hit the punch square and it shattered on contact (we have cameras so we watched it happen). It sent a piece of metal flying and hit another millwright in the neck cutting him. Both workers were wearing PPE for their jobs (which saved the one guys eyes, wear your safety glasses!), but they still had to clean and bandage the other guys neck. This was a Harbor Freight house brand tool, never has that happened to our other name brand tools. Both were experienced workers and the punch was brand new. Some purchasing agent wanted to save some cash and ended up with a serious first aid (lucky it was not an OSHA recordable). I wont shop there.

    If money is an issue, try outlets that have reconditioned tools. I recently went reconditioned on a hammer drill and I love it so far, like new half cost. DeWalt makes a heck of a 10 saw, my friend bought one and its a beast for the price, the only drawbacks are it does not come with a bunch of bells and whistles like a laser. I have a GMC I got for free, but I would have paid for a DeWalt or Hitachi had I not gotten it for free.

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