There is no question that A.Spruce is a lot more experienced than I am and my feedback on the HF saw is anecdotal, so you should probably follow his advice over mine, especially where your own safety is concerned...

That said, statistically the VAST majority of power tool related injuries are due to poor safety, inexperience, or carelessness, not cheapness of the tool.

HF has a lot of tools that are complete crap, and yes, some that could even be considered significantly more dangerous than average, but from everything I've read and my couple months of using this saw, I'd say it is one of their acceptable (not unsafe) tools. If the saw wasn't recommended by Handyman and didn't receive solid feedback from buyers, I too would have stayed away from it and just done without for now.

You are best assuming ALL saws are dangerous. Always maintain and use them per manufacturer instructions, don't use them for anything other than their intended purpose, never do something stupid like pinning back the guard, and don't space out while using them. Using a Milwaukee and being a master carpenter doesn't guarantee you won't chop off your thumb in a moment of inattentiveness.