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    Default Shower Remodel Help!!

    We are remodeling a shower in a 50+ house. The current shower is a dark hole. There is a concrete floor and fiberglass walls. We wanted to expand the shower by width but cannot by depth. The house is on a slab so the plumbing will not be moved. What is the best and most cost effective way to do this? Should we frame and tile with a glass door, cultured marble bottom only then tile, culture marble all of it, or use a drop in (worried that it will not match standard measurements)? We need advice.

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    Wink Re: Shower Remodel Help!!

    If you could put up some pictures, it would give us a better idea as to what you can do.


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    Default Re: Shower Remodel Help!!

    lschuenemann -

    The best and most cost effective way to do this - is to do what you want/need/like.

    You mention marble & tile. Those are not cheap. You mention a dark hole. Getting light is work. You mention house is on a slab - so plumbing will not be moved. (Here you are stating something you want. You don't want to move, or add plumbing. Because it is on a slab.)

    Slabs can be cut into. Easily. New Concrete poured.

    Advice. - Since you are either going to be doing a LOT of work; and spending a LOT of money; OR your going to be hiring a contractor and spending even MORE money - than go buy a couple of books. Buy 3 or 4 on remodeling homes, and Bathrooms. Spend $100 on books. Read them. They'll give you ideas. Expand your horizons. Some of these books will even tell you how to do it.

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