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Thread: Ugly PVC Pipes

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    Default Ugly PVC Pipes

    I watched the episode where the combination hot water heater and house heat unit was installed. Is there some way to hide the ugly PVC pipes that are sticking out the side of the building as they detract from the appearance of the house?

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    Default Re: Ugly PVC Pipes

    Yes there is an alternative, but you won't like the cost: install the pipe inside the wall.

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    Default Re: Ugly PVC Pipes

    i asume you are talking about the vent and fresh air pipes. if so there is usually very little exposed outside so i dont see much point in running them interior. Painting them the house color goes a long way to making them less obtrusive. you could also box them out just check the manual for the furnace for how much you need to let exposed on the vent side.

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    Default Re: Ugly PVC Pipes

    Quote Originally Posted by Edwardwhite View Post
    whats the alternative of it can i know it now? as i am in a sudden need of it
    dj1 stated the alternative two posts above.
    It's this old house, not this built after your dad was born house.

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