Hello everyone,

I live in Edmonton, AB, and the winter is quite cold up here. I have a two story home with unfinished basement (only insulated walls).
Main floor is 9 ft high. 2nd story is warmer always.
I have close the heating vents for basement, no need to waste heat there.
However, I was thinking if I can insulate the main floor underneath. Looking from basement I can see the wood structure and openings among joists, and there is not insulation, there are pipes coming, wires, but since basement is not finished, it is not covered with ceiling.

So my suspicion is that I am losing heat there, cause main floor is cold, since basement is usually 14 C-16 C, we keep temp in home 20C, but main floor feels cold.

Can I insulate that portion? and would it help to contain the heat in main floor and second floor? Do I need to remove wires or I can cover them in insulation?

thanks a lot