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Thread: Gravel In Lawn

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    Post Gravel In Lawn

    When replacing a septic tank, the contractor dumped a load of gravel on the lawn. He cleaned off most, but there is still about a one inch layer of gravel pushed down into the dirt. I could dig the gravel out by hand, but it is a large area. Is there an easier way to deal with the gravel?

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    One word... Bobcat. Used to be able to rent these things for $35 a day... it's probably a lot more today, but sure saves a lot in backbreaking labor! Always wish I had more use for one so I could buy one for myself, although I do have a garden tractor with a front-end-loader on it, all hydraulic too, but it just doesn't have the power/weight of a Bobcat.
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    You'll likely never get rid of all of it unless you dig up the yard and screen the dirt, a very labor intensive job that can really only be accomplished with a motorized trammel screen - think a round, screened drum, feed material into one end, it screens the small stuff through and drops it and sends the large chunks out the other end. Covering the area with a layer of topsoil and laying new sod will help for a short period, but the gravel will eventually start working its way to the surface again.
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    Sounds to me like the contractor needs to get busy.

    How big of an area are you talking about? 10x10...20x20?

    It might just take some old fashioned muscle to get it cleaned up...rock rake and then a yard rake.

    Do a little at a time so the job doesn't seem so big. Rome wasn't built in a day.

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