I don't know if this is the right place to post this. If another section is more appropriate, please let me know.

I have a small house in the Seattle area. My neighbour left his yard completely untended for several years... including an invasive 'bamboo forest'. The roots of all that really ruined my yard. I had to dig up a ton (literally) of dirt and replace french drains throughout my back yard.

So I have a pile of heavy clay dirt and yard waste (bamboo) about 20' long, 3' wide and 3' high. My guess is that this would take a strong guy at -least- a day to remove. Plus, I'm told 1 sq yd of dirt weighs over a ton so it's more than one can fit in a pickup. I don't own a truck and renting one for more than just a few hrs is fairly pricey. Plus, I'm on disability so it would take me -days- to do this myself.

I called a guy with a 'machine' (bobcat?) and he wanted like $400 just to bring the machine over... And then there is the cost of disposal. But he said the machine would take about 1/2hr to move the earth.

So... anyone got any suggestions on what to do with this stuff that won't cost a fortune?