I'm installing a new 4-way switch. The old switch that it's replacing, and other 4 ways that I've seen hook up with one set of (3 way) black and white wires going to one set of silver and black screws, and the other white and black wires coming from the other 3 way switch go to the other silver and black switch terminals. However this 4 way switch seems to be different, and I wanted someone to verify that I'm doing it right. When I tried to wire the switch as mentioned above it did not work.

According to the box from the switch (see diagram below) one 3-way switch set of black and white wires goes to BOTH silver screws on the new 4 way, and the other set of black and white wires from the second 3-way switch goes to BOTH black terminals on the 4-way switch.

I labeled where (apparently) they want the black and white wires to go in the diagram below. Does this look right?

Also they show a "input" and "output" for the 4 way switch. I didn't think 4 way switches had a in and out....