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    Default Curb appeal after a hurricane hits home

    My little town of Breezy Point, NY was particularly hard-hit by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. We were among the lucky ones who still have a home standing. After 6 months of pure adrenaline-powered clean-up and demo, we are dog-tired and just starting to make decisions on the next step: renovation.

    Rebuilding as if Hurricane Sandy was a once in a lifetime event seems to us to be utterly unrealistic. Our dunes have been compromised, and now we face the challenge of making our little house as prepared as possible for the future. Any wisdom such as replacing the subfloors with marine ply, using spray foam insulation, etc. will be greatly appreciated.

    All that aside, the cedar barn shake exterior of our 25 year old house was battered and the yard, flooded with salt water, has turned into a lunar landscape. Of course we will fix the interior, but the exterior needs more help than we can give it ourselves. How do I go about finding a designer/architect who can help turn it back into a home we can love again? Thanks!

    By the way, I said that we were lucky, and in more ways than one. Working together side by side through this disaster actually made my husband and I a stronger team. The learning curve has been incredibly steep for both of us, but when the going got tough, we got tougher, and that's pretty amazing if I do say so myself!
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