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    Default Shallow or deep well and how to test it.

    So I recently found what I believe is a well in my backyard. Its a 1.5 inch piece of PVC that was capped off by the previous owner of the house. My question is how do I test to see if the well is still good. This would be a great alernative to using my city water to water the lawn. I have been reading about shallow and deep water wells. I really have no idea what to look for as far as seeing if its dry or not. There is one line coming out of the ground. That is all. Can anybody give me some guidance?



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    Default Re: Shallow or deep well and how to test it.

    1.5" diameter is unlikely to be a deep well. A deep well is usually drilled, and needs to be large enough to accommodate either a submersible pump or two pipes for a deep-well jet.

    It seems strange that it's PVC. I've never heard of a well with PVC pipe, unless it turns to steel just below the surface. Most driven wells are a pipe that's been pounded into the ground. At the bottom of the pipe is a well point, which has a sharp iron point and a screen to allow water to flow into the pipe.

    Probably the way to test it is to hook a pump to it and see how much water you get out. You might be able to rent a pump for this purpose.
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