I bought some new traps that are treated with stuff to attract mice. I have to say that while I like going to home depot cause there are some very knowledgeable sales people there , the one who helped me with the traps on Sunday really screwed me up. At first I thought I had it all under control and was just going to buy traps for the basement and this guy had me thinking every thing under the sun. But yes, now I am more concerned because of the damage that can be done to the house and of course deceases.

They are NOT at all in the living areas of the house to date. But they have had some activity seen in the basement. I have not seen any activity anywhere since Sunday. I think when they were selling the house they put some poison in the basement behind the drywall. The first year I was in the house I saw a dead mouse when I was cleaning the basement (vacuuming). I thought it died from the Home Defense I was using (insect spray). But in talking with an exterminator yesterday they said insecticide will not kill mice....so I am assuming the mouse I saw 3 years ago died form mouse poison. I don't have an odor in the basement yet but if it was only one mouse it may have eaten some old poison. I have had traps down with food in them all week an no action or signs of mice anywhere. It's the no signs of mice that confuse me. I am sure there are no mice upstairs since I first noticed that I had them almost 2 weeks now cause I plugged the whole it made with steel wool.

Does this sound familiar or is it strange that there has been no activity this week? I know they hoard food but last week there was still some activity in the basement.

Thanks in advance for your help. I know what you mean an exterminator will only do so much and is not going to come over to pick up the dead or captured mice...I will only call them if I see that this thing had babies and I think I need more help. I lived in an apt once that had 2 mice and I caught them 123 with glue traps.....can't understand this now.

Still need your help!