Hi all....

I just noticed that I have had a mouse or mice in my house. Came to this realization on Sunday so Sunday I spent 1/2 the day at Home Depot buying things like mouse traps and steel wool. When I got home I filled the holes in the garage (I think that is where they were coming in from) that lead into my house, with steel wool. I was planning on filling those holes with cement for another problem but had to do a quick fix. Last night I did a scan of the kitchen (where I saw what I think was mouse droppings) and cleaned with Clorox and water (which I will continue today). I also filled a hole under the kitchen sink around the water pipe, with steelwool. I am guessing they were getting in thru the garage, into the basement and made a hole around the pipe under the kitchen sink and had a party for them selves (assuming more than one).

Over the past month I had heard some rumblings in the house and didn't know what to think (thought it might be outside). Now I know what it was and that the noise was coming from the basement.
Last night I put traps in the basement and the kitchen. I caught nothing and do not see or hear anything today. Last night I also tapped hard on the walls in the basement and other objects where a mouse could possibly hide. I got no response.

Is it possible that the mice would run into the house at night and leave the next morning? I am wondering why I do not see or hear anything today. Of course I will continue to be on the look out for them for at least a month...don't want to be caught off guard.

Any advise?

Thanks in advance....