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    Default Do replacement sashes have to be leaky?

    Hello, Community. I have sound double-hung windows with single panes and want to move up to more energy-efficient glazing. I was asking around about replacement sashes (sashes only, with vinyl jamb liners - not full "pocket window" inserts), as the lowest-cost upgrade, as well as one that won't change the character of the windows so much, but the "window guys" I approached warned me that replacement sashes leak air and noise. They recommended prime window replacement, which of course is way more expensive. So my question is this: if replacement sashes are correctly measured and installed, do they still have to be leaky? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Do replacement sashes have to be leaky?

    One thing you might want to consider is installing double pane glass in your existing sashes.

    But to answer your question, no, if properly made and installed they should not leak.

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