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    Unhappy Power but no power

    Trailer hooked to 115AC. Three circuit breakers, 15, 15 and twenty. On right side, has it's own breaker, suddenly no power to sub -circuits. All receptacles indicate through tester that power is present,however no receptacles or lights will activate. Other two master circuits work normally. What can i do as I have checked the normal things. Circuit breaker O.K and fixtures and receptacles have power. I have not checked the voltage. They all worked up until today.

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    Default Re: Power but no power

    Sounds like you may have lost the neutral connection.

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    Default Re: Power but no power

    Or a partially tripped breaker. Flip the breaker in question to the "off" position, then back on and check again. After that, look for an open neutral as Jack suggests.
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    Default Re: Power but no power

    Besides the neutral connections, I would concentrate on the breakers as stated. Some older breakers may look good, even test good and then fail to deliver. Since they are relatively inexpensive, get some new breakers and replace the ones you suspect. See if this works.

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    Default Re: Power but no power

    Joey, this sounds like a small travel trailer.

    They usualy have the receptacles controlled by a ground fault current Interruptor (GFCI). If it trips all receptacles are dead.
    They're usualy located near the sink.

    Could be all you need to do is reset it!
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