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    Default Replacing Outdoor Rust Frozen Vertical Lamp

    I have an outdoor Lamp Post fixture that seems to be rust frozen to the post mount.

    The fixture is, I think, original 1964 with a base flange, and sits on a post mount. The post mount is encased in a brick column/wall, and only the lamp fixture is visible and appears to be resting on the brick column.

    The bulb socket has rusted off the metal supports, and is leaning against the fixture glass. The fixture is electrically working, and I want to replace it. Upon removing the 2 set screws, I discovered the fixture appears to be rust frozen in place to the post (the post is not visible as the fixture base flange covers the post on the brick column).

    Any suggestions to remove ?

    I am thinking sawing off the fixture, at a height I estimate to be above the unseen post, leaving the fixture base/flange. Then try a rust dissolver to loosen the flange grip on the post, and try using plyers to grip and pull off the flange piece.

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    Default Re: Replacing Outdoor Rust Frozen Vertical Lamp

    You might try turning it with a strap wrench.

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