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    Default Persistent toilet leak from under toilet onto flor

    This is a minor leak, but persistent. I live in a rennovated 1840 building that is now condos. The bathroom was for for 2 years, and has now been leaking for 2. I've had 3 plumbers come out and each have replaced the wax ring twice. I tell each of them that I don't think it is the ring, because we've replaced it so many times. No one can find a crack in the toilet. The floor is starting to sag, as old floors are likely to, but the new underlayment and tile appears solid. Also am seeing wet grout and water coming up around the tub now. Luckily I am on the first floor so stuff is more accessible and I'm not going to ruin someone's ceiling.

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    Default Re: Persistent toilet leak from under toilet onto flor

    maybe the toilet is defective. if you don't mind spending about $100-$150 you can get a new one. if that one still leaks then it's something in the drain or water supply. tough for us to assess without seeing it.

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    Default Re: Persistent toilet leak from under toilet onto flor

    You've had a few plumbers over, they came, inspected and guessed that the wax rings were at fault, but they were wrong.

    What makes you think that we, sitting in front of computer screens can diagnose it better?

    Water can come from many sources. If it's not the wax ring, it could be the bowl itself, or the tank-to-bowl gasket, or shut off valve, or fill in tube, and so on.

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    Default Re: Persistent toilet leak from under toilet onto flor

    I've seen where a leak at the tank-to-bowl gasket or the tank-to-bowl bolts will run down the side of the bowl and onto the floor, making it appear to be the wax ring.

    Try replacing the tank-to-bowl gasket and the bolts. When installing the bolts, use only brass bolts (not "coated" bolts), and put only the rubber washer under the head. Do not put a metal washer between the bolt head and the rubber washer.

    Make sure you get a gasket of the proper thickness. The bolts should be tightened just to the point where the tank makes contact with the bowl in the front and the back. The tank should not move relative to the bowl. (A too-thick gasket will prevent you from properly tightening the bolts.)
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