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    Question Sealing outside brick on a large house.

    I have a 1930 Church building which is made from what they call Tiles, which are bricks but abit more hollow. The walls are double bricks "Tiles". When it rains, the brick tends to saturate in places and leaks to the inside of the walls. I need something to spray on the outside to seal the bricks without changing any color.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Sealing outside brick on a large house.

    Actually what you need is a good house wrap or moisture barrier under your "tiles".

    Sealants, for indoor and especially for outdoors, won't last.

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    Default Re: Sealing outside brick on a large house.

    it is generally the mortar or cracks in the mortar that leaks not the brick. you probably need repointing. i agree with dj 1 sealers are a temporary bandaid and if it is due to cracks in the mortar a sealer will do nothing.

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    Default Re: Sealing outside brick on a large house.

    Sounds like your walls maybe Architectural Terra Cotta which would be larger than the normal brick.
    Also could be Hollow Clay Tile these type brick/block were used as back up for brick.
    For waterproofing you can look at using a Silin clear waterproofing material, or a clear Silicate coating.
    Also look at R-97 Water Repellent.
    All of the above would waterproof the block BUT water could enter any cracks or bad mortar joints.

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