About 2 years ago, I re-caulked the edges between our acrylic shower stall and the walls.

My husband is the only person who showers in this particular shower stall.

I noticed that all the caulk has peeled back from the drywall and when I picked at it, it chipped it down to a fine paper layer on the wall.

I have no idea how to fix this. Should I peel away all the damaged area and use joint compound to spackle over it.

What type of primer/paint should I use to paint over it? There is presently Sherwin Williams latex over it. (Which I personally think is cr*p.)

Also, should I use a different caulk? I used latex caulk before.

We have no mildew in this bathroom as we have a fan in there.

I'm confused. This has not happened in my bathroom. Additionally, I am on the internet and everyone contradicts what the other person says. Kilz oil based primer. Yes...no. Zinsser PermaWhite. Latex will peel, etc., etc., etc.

Please, anyone who can offer expert advice on this would be greatly appreciated, as my husband is totally clueless when it comes to fixing anything in our home.

Not to mention that we can't get any contractors to ever keep their word and show up.


Judy G.