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    Default Tips on roof tear off and reshingle

    I'm going to have to do a tear off and put a new roof on my house this summer. I also have areas where I can see the underlayment is weak/sagging. I've helped do a few roofs with friends,but I was never really involved more than just laying shingles. I'm going to have relatives help that have done this before,but I figured I'd get some tips or heads-up's from you guys too.
    Sorry,this is the best shot I have of the house right now,but you should get the idea. It's a pretty simple design. No dormers,valleys,ect.
    I question where you guys would put the dumpster for the tear off? Not much room in front of the house between the trees and house,not to mention it trashing my landscaping. Any debris from the upper roof would have to be moved pretty far if the dumpster is dropped in the driveway though.
    I would assume we would tear off and shingle just one side at a time,in case the roof needs to be covered for rain?
    What are some do's and don't for a rookie?

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