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I can't get the lag bolts out that are there now. I backed them out about an inch - no farther. (They are lag bolts - smooth with threads at one end for a nut.) Suggestions?
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I appreciate all the answers I have gotten.

I used the term lag bolts because a lag screw is something that screws in - no nut - at least that's what I thought they were.
Well, you either got one or the other. If you've got nuts, no pun intended, then you've got a standard machined bolt. If you have a super course thread and no nut, then it's a lag bolt.

If there is no nut, then you've probably got lag bolts, so I would suggest trying to get a pry bar or drive some shims under the head to tension the threads, then try to back it out with a wrench, adding more pressure with the prybar/shims as you twist the bolt until it backs out on its own.