I put in a bit on a condo, in StPetersburg. I did my inspection today. The building was built in 1971 and as I suspected not all is up to snuff.

Other than needing a good cleaning and fresh paint, I'm concerned about the electric circuits. All are 15amp even in the kitchen. There are two circuits for the kitchen at least. The Fridge and one counter outlet and the floor outlet are on one. The other only two counter outlets. Then the living room and bedroom are on one! It's a small condo, only 640 square feet. I worry though about the living room and bedroom on only one 15amp circuit. In all there are only six outlets, three for each room. The dishwasher is on a dedicated outlet also only 15amp. The service panel is 125 amp and there are two extra slots. There are also two circuits not being used. One for a no longer disposer, and one mystery circuit marked, "AC Fan". However the AC works without it. So I don't know what it's for.

I'm just curious. Should I not worry and take the place? This is my only concern. The rest is no problem. I'm a good carpenter, and construction person, but electricity? Well it scares the hell out of me.