I just purchased a home built around 1908. The basement wall construction appears to be stone with a dirt-like filler material with a coat of plaster on top. The home inspector had a name for this type of construction but I can't recall it. In some areas, the plaster cover is failing and the dirt-like material is just spilling out. I will try to post some photos of this tonight. There is some moisture coming through some areas of the wall that I expect to be corrected through a separate yard re-grading project that I am working on.

I have had a hard time getting advice on how to fix this wall so far because I don't know what this type of wall is called. I have seen this type of wall in other old homes too so I know I am not the first to want to correct this.

I'd like to clean up the wall by removing all of the old finish material and applying grout. Any thoughts on this?