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    Default exterior sprayed on texture over

    The entire exterior of our stuccoed house was sprayed over with a gritty textured product in the 1970's. The problem is that after the spray on stuff was applied, the house has since been painted twice and is now peeling. The good news is, the peeling includes the textured grit material, the bad news is that it is not peeling everywhere and is extremely difficult to remove in areas not already peeling. The best method has been a heat gun. This is literally accomplished an inch at a time. Does anyone have a better idea as to how to prepare the exterior surface for the best new paint job?

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    Try a sample of Back To Nature paint stripper.
    Apply about 1/8 inch cover with 1 mil plastic sc**** off 24 Hrs later.
    Use a 4 inch wall paper sc****r the one with a replaceable blade.

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