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    Default OM-148 Combustion Fumes

    We just installed a new boiler and Toyo OM-148 water heater. The boiler is shut down for the summer. When the OM-148 fires we are smelling fumes in the surrounding area. It is a brand new installation with new flue pipes. The unit works great and produces hot water as designed, but the fumes are a problem. Any suggestions on what I need to check or repair? We live in a remote area of Alaska where contractors are difficult to come by. Thanks!

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    Default Re: OM-148 Combustion Fumes

    Do the boiler and the water heater share the same flue? They should not; since the water heater uses forced combustion air instead of passive, it should be direct vented to the outside using manufacturer-specified materials and installation instructions. (In addition, the combustion air intake should also come from outside.) There should be no way for combustion gases to backflow into the building space, such as through a draft control or backwards through the boiler's combustion chamber and intake vents.

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