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    Default leaking shower faucet

    please help....
    When I turn on my shower all is ok then when I pull up the plunger to start the shower I get a steady stream of water between the faucet and tile wall. I have taken the faucet off and put white Plumers tape on the threads and didn't help
    what else can I do the water is leaking down into the basement as well need to get taken care of

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    Default Re: leaking shower faucet

    Sounds like there is a leak somewhere between the shower valve and the shower head. What is on the other side of the plumbing wall of the shower? It is possible to go through this side to access the plumbing, so as not to have to disturb the shower surround (added expense ). I would guess that the problem is probably a cracked pipe or fitting at the elbow where the shower riser turns and comes out of the wall to the shower head. It is not uncommon for this area to be damaged when changing the shower head/neck.
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