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    We are getting a new house built and recently our area had a lot of rain. In the new construction there is now some seepage comming in through one of the basement walls. The builder claims that it's because the sump pump is not hooked up and working yet. I didn't think that we should be getting water in through the wall even without the sump pump working yet. When the sump pump went out in our current house we got water in but it didn't come in through the walls . Do I have a legitame concern the water is comming in through the wall under these circumstances?

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    Howdy is the foundation back filled? check local code for if water proofing or simple damp retard of water is code. what type of foundation? how high up in the wall is the leak are there openings in this wall in the area such as plumbing or electrical etc. The slope of the lot drainage away from the dwelling? ground water table in the area?
    i would have this addressed before home built
    Any an all of my comments are just my opinion and not to be confused with facts.

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    Consider yourself lucky that this happened now and not later.

    Timothy Miller brought some good points.

    Tell your builder that you want your basement waterproofed FROM THE OUTSIDE, code or not. What that means is that if the outside is already back filled, he would need to excavate, waterproof and back fill again.

    The sump pump is a back up device to when the walls fail to stop the water.

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    Agree with prior replies. Your basement should not be letting in any type of water or moisture. The sump pump should be used only as a "last resort" to pump excess water from the area.

    Since it's a new construction I would also recommend mentioning a water alarm to your contractor - it'll help you have peace of mind that you're not getting any moisture/leaks/seepage. It's reasonably priced for the protection it offers.

    Best of luck.


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