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Thread: pex pipe size

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    Default pex pipe size

    So a guy who said he is a contractor also did plumbing under my home. He used pes pipe, 1/2 size from the pump, that of course leaks, to all the rooms that need water, the bathroom sinks, washer machine and to kitchen sink, where there is only a small stream of water flowing from faucet. Did he use the correct size pipe? or was that too small for the use. There are also brass fittings all up and down the line that he put in, which runs over 20 feet from bath to kitchen..... any anwsers?

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    Default Re: pex pipe size

    What exactly is the "pump"?

    Is it a pump from the well?

    Is it the pump that leaks, or the joints of the pipe?

    Is there one pipe all over, or a separate pipe for each fixture coming from a manifold?
    It's this old house, not this built after your dad was born house.

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    first off, if it's leaking, call a plumber and have him correct the problem.

    1/2" pex piping throughout the house is usually adequate but that's something that a plumber can confirm.

    regarding the kitchen sink. if all the other fixtures in the house are off and the kitchen sink still flows slowly, it's possible that the screen/strainer on the faucet is clogged. he might not have removed them prior to turning the water back on. it's a very common mistake made by non-plumbers. unscrew the little screen where the water comes out of the faucet, clean it out and see if that makes a difference.

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    Both answers are excellent.

    I just have a feeling that he did the job wrong. If I understand it correctly, the "brass fittings" that you mentioned are Ts to distribute water to the different fixtures, then this job is wrong.

    The leaks are probably due to faulty crimping job.

    Waiting for your answers to all of the above questions.

    If it's determined that this man botched the job, you should give him a chance to bring the job up to code within a certain amount of time, and if he fails to do so, you will need to start legal action to collect.

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    When installing a water system the rule of thumb is not to have two fixtures on a 1/2" line.

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