We have a daylight basement house built back in 1977. The builder did not leave any clearance from siding to concrete patio, usually there is a 6" minimum with foundation showing then the patio or lawn. They have caulked the aluminum siding directly to the concrete, great!

We are going to replace windows and re-side the back, the rest of the home is brick. Options we have considered are A: Cement lap siding (Hardi), B: Stucco. Have looked into doing a brick wainscotting then lap side the rest, might be hard to match brick though. Also at some point we would like to do a deck as the house was orginally designed for one.

The problem with the brick wainscotting is it should rest on a ledge and not on the patio.
Also Hardi siding or Stucco should have at least a 2" clearance from the patio.

Anyway any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks Jeff